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LTR Waterproof Bliss Ring Gold

LTR Waterproof Bliss Ring Gold

Jewellery Rings Sophisticated & Intricate (Lover's Tempo) Waterproof Jewellery
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Waterproof Jewellery! Yep you can wear it in the shower!!

Select Size 6, 7, or 8
Cubic Zirconia,
316L Stainless Steel, 14-18K Gold PVD

Can I wear waterproof jewelry in the shower?
YES! Our waterproof collection is completely safe to wear in the shower.
Will waterproof jewelry tarnish?
NO! The PVD process of applying 14-18K Gold to 316L Stainless steel atom by atom will keep your jewelry from tarnishing.
How is your jewelry waterproof?
The manufacturing process for our waterproof collection is called Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD for short) and it’s different from plated jewelry. 14-18K Gold is applied to 316L Stainless Steel atom by atom so it’s highly durable, waterproof and tarnish resistant.
What is PVD?
Physical Vapour Deposition is a process that vaporizes real gold and applies it onto
a stainless steel base, atom by atom. This process is much more durable than gold plating.
What is 316L Stainless Steel?
316L Stainless Steel is high grade, durable stainless steel. It is commonly used in medical
equipment and is extremely resistant to corrosion.
Is your waterproof jewelry hypoallergenic?
Since we use 14-18K Gold and 316L Stainless Steel, it is relatively unlikely to cause allergic reactions. People can be allergic to many things (including stainless steel and gold) so it’s important to understand what your specific allergies are. Our waterproof collection is free of the most common allergens.
How do I care for my waterproof jewelry?
Avoid exposure to chlorine as it will shorten the lifespan of the PVD gold. If your waterproof jewelry needs cleaning, wash with water and gently scrub with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry well.
Will waterproof jewelry turn my skin green?
Since our waterproof collection is made of stainless steel, it will NOT turn your skin
green. The green colour on your skin that comes from some types of jewelry is a reaction between metal, usually copper which is a very common alloy used in most fashion jewelry, and your body’s natural PH balance. The green colour is harmless and washes off with soap and water but if you find it unsightly, our waterproof collection is a great option.