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The home-decor trends that will be popular in 2023, according to interior-design experts

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Tactile textures will be popular in the coming year.

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Danielle Blundell, the executive home director at Apartment Therapy, told Insider that texture is going to play a big role in home decor for 2023, in everything from pillows and couches to wallpaper and backsplashes.

"It's one of the easiest ways I think to up the warmth and visual interest in a room," Blundell said. "For 2023, we're going to be seeing more dimension on everything from wall treatments and textiles to furniture and decorative accessories. So texture just everywhere."

Andi Morse, the founder of Morse Design, told Insider that textured fabrics like boucle and leather will also continue to be popular. 

"I think texture can give a room a high-end look, but you can find textured items at any budget if you're a smart shopper," Blundell added. "What's so great about texture is that you can really lean into layering and that's what sort of gives a room that finished look and it really works with any color palette."

Many people will start making a statement with colorful marble.

colorful marble

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"White Calacatta marble with gray veining has been the gold standard in kitchen bathroom and even product design," Blundell said. "But now we're starting to see marbles get inverted."

"Colored stone is really coming to the fore — things like pink, red, burgundy, even dark blacks," she said. "It's these colored stones that have white veining now instead of white marble having the gray veining and it's super cool."

"They're playing really well with maximalism, which has been coming on strong I think for the past year or two," Blundell added.

Adding marble to your home can be costly though, so if it's out of your budget, Blundell recommends incorporating it through marble bookends or other decor pieces that are more affordable.

Color will continue to be popular in decor, particularly jewel tones.


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Both Morse and Grace Brackman, an associate designer for Maggie Griffin Design, told Insider that people will be embracing color in their homes.

"I foresee bringing the outdoors in with lots of greens and browns will also be big next year," Morse said.

Brackman anticipates bolder colors in jewel tones gaining traction as well.

"I am a little surprised with how much color that we are going to see," she said. "However, I think people are tired of all-white everything and are ready for something more exciting."

Desert-inspired tones will also be popular.


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For people who don't want to embrace jewel tones but still want something different from an all-white home, Blundell anticipates a surge of desert-inspired hues becoming popular.

"I think anything from pinks and oranges of a sunset to the taupes and beiges of the sand," she said of the colors that will inspire people. She added that the softer tones pair well with textured fabrics.

"It's sort of a simple palette to work with, but it's still cozy and can transport you and bring a little bit of the outdoors inside," Blundell said. "It's a little more nuanced, a little bit more artful."

Trends from the last few years will also be refined in 2023.


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In recent years, people have been embracing joy and whimsy in their decor, as Blundell told Insider. 

"Bright colors, whimsical shapes, fun patterns like checkerboard, all of that stuff," she gave as examples.

Blundell anticipates these trends will evolve into a more elevated form in 2023.

"All these things are still going to be relevant," she said. "I just think you're seeing a little bit more of a refinement now."

For instance, people started incorporating squiggly shapes into their homes around 2020, and next year, Blundell anticipates that will transition into a more elevated scallop.

"Joy is still at work in our interiors and that can mean something a little bit different to everyone," she said. "But a lot of these 'make you smile' shapes and colors are softening a little bit and getting a little more refined."

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