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2023 Trends That Will Make You Feel Happier at Home


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Keeping up with ever-changing design trends may feel daunting, but it can also be a fun, approachable way to keep your home feeling fresh. And contrary to popular belief, you don't have to fully redesign your space to try out a new trend. Plenty of trending design ideas are easily achieved through small additions or updates to the pieces you already have.

Living in a space that brings you joy or puts a smile on your face is hard to beat, these 2023 design trends will help you get there.


Decorate Bright and Bold Colors

Pantone's choice for the 2023 Color of the Year is proof that bold and bright colors are trending in the design world. The punchy pink, called Viva Magenta, demands attention and feels like a refreshing choice after years of neutral greens and blues taking center stage.

Don't worry though, you don't have to commit to painting a full room or replacing your furniture to bring bright hues into your home. Once you decide on the bold colors you want to incorporate, consider incorporating them into your interiors through artwork, pillows, small tabletop accessories, or even candles. You'll get the joy of seeing your favorite bright colors at home without breaking the bank.

Display Whimsical Accessories



There's something to be said for decorating with timeless, traditional pieces—you know your home will always look stylish no matter what the trends are—but there's something joyful about bringing home pieces that simply make you smile.

Many of the trends we're seeing pop up in the design world eschew traditional style for a bit of whimsy. Mushroom décor is all the rage, people are bringing disco balls into every room of the house, and designers are releasing irreverent aesthetic takes on everyday pieces (think pastel bubble plates and vibrant light switch covers).

Use Mirrors to Make Your Space Feel Bigger

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most beloved pieces when it comes to home design. They're not only functional, but can make for beautiful additions to any room as well.

Strategically placed mirrors instantly open up your space and make the room feel spacious in the best way. Small spaces particularly benefit from the addition of mirrors to keep things from feeling cramped.

Keep Things Clean



While cleaning may not typically pop up on lists of design trends, it should. Keeping a neat and tidy home lets your design shine through, and ensures that the work you've put into making your house a home doesn't fade to the background thanks to clutter.

One easy cleaning task that can add an extra dose of happiness to your day is making your bed. Make it a goal to make your bed every morning and take stock of how happy you feel every time you walk into your perfectly made up space.

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