2019 Interior Design Tips & Tricks

Your Guide To The Biggest Trends of 2019

Keeping up with the newest design trends can be a hefty task to accomplish. Things are always changing and the trends seem almost too large to achieve in your home. To help you out, here is your guide to the biggest trends of 2019. This is an inside look into what the design world is morphing into this year and how you can get your hands on what’s hot!

Pattern Play

Mixing patterns of any and all kinds is the new way to go! Rugs, fabrics, and tiles in all styles and patterns are all approved and appreciated. This trend is all about being confident, don’t be afraid to test different items until you find a good mix. An easy way to ease into this trend is by incorporating different pillows into your space. At Amanda’s House of Elegance, we have a ton of styles that could easily be mixed and matched to create a beautiful aesthetic. Try pairing a large striped pillow and a pillow with a smaller floral or ikat print. This will create the effect without overwhelming you all at once.

Colour Theory

In 2019 we are going back to the primary’s, primary colours that is. That’s right, 2019 is all about blue, red and yellow! While these colours are certainly bold, they can be incorporated into any space with ease with these simple tips.

1. Don’t forget about your hallways: Hallways can be a great place to infuse some serious colour. This is because they can stand almost on their own, you can treat them with their own identity!

2. Don’t force a colour into a room where it obviously doesn’t belong. If you already have a room with a set colour scheme, this may not be the place for this trend. Add some bolder primary colours into the room where the colour maybe already exists or if the room is already generally neutral.

3. If you are a nervous Nancy about colour, try sticking to small accents at first versus a larger piece. This way if you decide it’s not for you you can change it out again!

4. The front doorway be a great place to start this colourful journey! A navy blue or bright red would be lovely door colours that truly make a pop.

Masculine vs Feminine

This trend is all about how to mix the feminine side of style and the masculine side. The masculine being leathers, dark metals, dark colours, and dark woods. The feminine being white and creams, linen, floral patterns, and curvier shapes. While leather couches and dark wood furniture are nothing new, this trend is about finding the perfect balance between them to appeal to all preferences.

Organic Shapes

Bring on all things curvy! Straight and streamlines are on the decline and 2019 is seeing lots of curvy furniture and more organic shapes. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they offer a manipulated perception of spatial awareness. Using this correctly means that there will appear to be a lot more space than there actually is, allowing for your home to feel larger! Let’s be honest, no one has ever wished for less space. Look for rounded accents to bring this trend to your home in 2019.

Daring Direction

Minimalism in on its way out and in the process is making room for maximalism! The phrase “more is more” is going to be in full swing and 2019 is bringing a surge of creativity in these busier room designs. Maximalism doesn’t just mean more stuff, because stuff is never the answer. This trend is about not being afraid to fill your space with patterns, texture, meaningful belongings, and life! Your space should feel lived in and welcoming compared to the clean lines and starkness of minimalism.

Mixed Texture

Texture has been in style for the last couple of design seasons but it is gaining even more momentum in 2019. Mixed texture means combining many different materials and fabrics to create and overall fuller and warmer space. This means combining the rich (velvets, leathers), with the cozy (wool, linen, fur) and throwing in some highlights (mirror, glass, metals). Don’t be afraid to combine many different materials to create the depth that your space deserves.

Bold Rugs

At Amanda’s House of Elegance we love a great rug! Bold rugs are on trend and we want to help you bring a beautiful rug into your home. The rug is not only a necessity, but it is also an easy way to update your space. There are three ways you can go with this trend, you can bring in a bold colour, or a bold pattern, or something that has a bit of both! At House of Elegance we can custom order a rug that will fill all your desires!

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