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This Warm Aesthetic Is Taking the Design World By Storm

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Brown is the timeless color taking the design world on Pinterest by storm. A quick search for “brown room aesthetic” or “brown bedroom ideas” brings up lots of peaceful-looking spaces with billowy bedspreads, string lights, and trailing vines. While brown is viewed as a neutral color by many, this hue is truly versatile and can take on a range of shades to fit almost any style.

Whether you’re a fan of deep, earthen tones or barely there beiges, there are lots of ways you can embrace a warm brown aesthetic for your home, from the bedroom to the living room.

Read on to see how you can create an aesthetically pleasing space with brown through some inspiration from designers.

Image via Kirsten Diane

Image via Kirsten Diane

Add Warmth With Clay Tones

The bedroom is the perfect place to add warmth, and what better way to try this trend than by layering on a clay-toned throw blanket and pillows? The white pinstripe comforter and speckled walls create contrast and have just enough texture.

Image via Dazey Den

Image via Dazey Den

Pair Brown With Emerald, Mustard, and Avocado

If you have hardwood floors and prefer a classic look with contemporary touches, let your floor do most of the talking and introduce statement pieces in other colors. In this room designed by Dani Dazy, the emerald drapes and sofa ground the space, while a mustard-colored armchair and avocado lamp brighten the room. Brown is a versatile color that can work well with a variety of hues.

Image via House Of Chais

Image via House Of Chais

Punchy Pops of Florals

Who says that brown can’t be playful? This dining room accent wall is a great example of how different hues of brown can be used through art, like these punchy florals. The gray, mustard yellow, and rose hues create a soft visual palette. These colors also work well with the bench top, table, and sconces.

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