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The 5 Trends You Must Get Your Hands On In 2018!

No matter where you live, what your profession is, or how old you are, trends are something that everyone hears about on a daily basis. Everything is in constant motion and trends are no different. What is considered trendy one day, may be out the next. While we, at Amanda's House of Elegance, certainly don't recommend changing up your style every time a trend changes, getting a few new pieces every once in a while certainly won't hurt! We want you to be on-trend all year round! Here are the top 5 biggest trends of 2018 and how you can be part of the trend by coming down to Amanda's House of Elegance in downtown Kingston. 

Bright and Clear Colours


Gone are the days of beige, white and neutrals, and in are the days of clear and bold colours. Adding a pop of bold colour through a bright rug or a couple of throw pillows is the perfect way to take on this trend. You no longer need to be afraid of colour overload, colour is officially in. 

How To Get This Trend At Amanda's House of Elegance

1. Mint Vase with Gold Painted Rim - $28.95 2. Floral Runner - $39.00 3. Sea Glass Lamp - $189.95 4. Blue Floral Pillow - $68.95 5. Blue Rug - $225.95 6.Chevron Pillow - $76.95 7. Floral Baskets - $44.95

Mixed Metals and Metallic Accents


At Amanda's House of Elegance, this is one of our favourite trends of 2018! We are all about the mixing and matching of metals. And no, it’s not just silver and gold anymore, mix and match any metal and your home will be Pinterest-worthy. 

How To Get This Trend At Amanda's House of Elegance

1. Silver Lamp - $269.95 2. Shaker Candle Holders - (s) $29.95 (l) $44.96 3. Silver Plane Model - $92.95 4. Biker Statue - $149.95 5. Mirrored Statue - $198.95 6. Gold Charger - $6.95 7. Gold and Marble Table - $394.95

Unique Homewares

Yes, you are correct, technically homeware has always been in style because it is a household staple. We are talking about show stopping homeware that create interest and diversity to the kitchen and table scape. Interesting shapes and colours are what create diversity in a subtle way! 

How To Get This Trend At Amanda's House of Elegance

1. Chalk Labeled Canister - $ 14.95 2. Scalloped Edge Plate Set - $199.95 (set of 4) 3. Pink Frosted Glass - 9.95 4. Bunny Salt and Pepper Shakers - $9.95 5. Grey Plate - 17.95 6. Bird Hand Towels - $44.95

Tropical and Natural Materials and Prints

If you have walked into any home goods store recently you will know that pineapples and tropical prints are extremely on trend. The combination of tropics with rich woods and rustic notes are taking over for the summer. We have taken a refined stance on this trend but still love the relaxed and down to earth ambience is gives.

How To Get This Trend At Amanda's House of Elegance

1. Pineapple Book Ends - $73.95 2. Bell Jar Wooden Tray 3. Wood Board - $39.95 4.Leaf Pillow - $49.95 5. Silver Leaf Dish - $37.95 6. Pineapple Board - $38.95


This year is all about texture and materials. The mix of leather, linen, velvet and other textures is what is happening. This also includes textures such as glass, metal, ceramic, etc. to create an eclectic but comfortable feel to any space. The space will eventually come to be curated and as if no effort was taken in making it look amazing. 

How To Get This Trend At Amanda's House of Elegance


1. Lamp - $312.95 2. Leather Boxes - 73.95 3. Silver Bar Cart - $689.95 4. White Vase - $29.95 5. Pillow - $94.95 6. Glass Knot - $14.95

We would love to see you at Amanda's House of Elegance sometime soon and would love to chat about how to add some life and elegance to your space! 




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