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Personal Staycation: Tips for Staging the Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is meant to be the haven of the home. A place to get away from responsibilities, housework, or kids. It is also a place where many hours are spent, so staging this space to be appealing for the buyer is a must. Here are some do's for staging your master bedroom: 

  1. Create an emphasis on natural lighting; keep window dressings neutral and non obstructive. These shutter style blinds work well, using fabric blinds and sheers is also a high impact solution.

  2. Art, Pillows, Plants, Throws! This room has it all. While you don't want a plethora of decor, a large piece of art, some fun throw pillows and a live plant add life and interest to the bedroom.

  3. The lack of clutter is appealing to buyers, it allows them to imagine their belongings in the room.

  4. A form of seating, ie. a bench, some stools, or a chaise, is a positive addition to the foot of any bed. They act as a place to sit, put on shoes, or as a lounge.

  1. This bedroom has a great neutral colour palette. The soft grey walls combined with black accents are a neutral place to begin any room.

  2. Creating small vignettes create moments of interest and good feelings within the space. Like the vignette on the bedside table, they can add a detailed touch.

  3. This headboard is a high impact focal point which is great for drawing buyers into the space.

  4. When staging a bedroom, the bed is the most important piece to the room. Spend a bit of extra time making the bed look extra inviting and luxurious through comfortable, light coloured bedding, soft throws and lots of pillows.

  5. Overhead lighting can make the room appear both less cluttered and larger; attributes that are appealing to buyers.

  1. The use of mirrors to spread light through the room are great for making a room seem larger.

  2. Keep the colour scheme within a bedroom consistent. The use of blues, beige and wood tones through this bedroom create a calming mood.

  3. Overall the bedroom should be clean and airy. Keep surfaces neat and decor simple.

  4. Make sure all furniture that belongs in a bedroom is present. This includes a bed, bedside tables, lighting etc.

  5. A great rug can add comfort and warmth to the bedroom.

Overall the master bedroom is meant to be an inviting and relaxing space. You want potential buyers to step in and feel like the space could be a place for them to retreat and find peace. By taking care of all downfalls of the space before showing, you can prevent any buyer from trying to negotiate down the price. Use neutral colours and decor to enhance the imaginations of the buyers, you want them to be able to imagine themselves there. Simple and clean is key! 

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