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Materials 101: All In The Details

Let's talk materials. I am personally addicted to soft, dreamy, beautiful fabrics and materials. Whether I am picking out the perfect pillow for my bed, choosing a soft, cozy blanket to cuddle up with, or even picking out my favourite winter sweater, the first thing to do is pick the item up and feel the texture, quality, and weight of the fabric. I also love the rainbow that is cast across my room when the light hits the crystal lamp on my bedside table. The beauty is in the details. 

Crystal Candle Pillar (small) - $56.95 (medium) - $63.95, Blue Chevron Throw - $98.95, Gold Placemat - $23.95, Linen Napkin - $43.95, Silver Coral Napkin Ring - $14.95, Champagne Lumbar Pillow - $74.95, White Pleated Pillow - $48.95

Have you ever been sitting in a room and all of a sudden the most magical rainbow is reflected across the room? If you have this is the work of something crystal in your space! Maybe I shouldn't say work because truly the work is put in even before you have this item. When looking at crystal versus glass here are a few things to consider:

Crystal Pillars - (small) $56.95, (medium) $63.95. Glass Jar - $16.95

There is just something about cotton that feels and is luxurious. Honestly when I think of cotton I automatically think of some of my favourite tops to wear particularly in the summer. Let's change this! Cotton is a fabulous material to use in the home. While polyester has its place, cotton and other high-quality materials are something to get excited about! 

Indigo Floral Pillow - $68.95. Champagne Pillow - $68.95

One of the best parts of the day in my opinion is right after you get out of the shower and are feeling clean and relaxed after using luxurious products for your hair and skin. Why let it stop there? Exquisite Turkish cotton towels let the good time keep going. Head into Amanda's House of Elegance to feel the spa-like material for yourself! 

Wash Towel - $6.95, Hand Towel - $12.95, Bath Towel - $24.95, Sheet Towel - $39.95

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