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Why You Should Decorate With Synthetic Botanicals

In the interior decorating world we are seeing faux plants embraced more and more by interior decorators and consumers alike. Gone are the days when synthetic plants were considered tacky; Today thanks to high quality materials and design, we are now blessed with “botanically correct” plant dupes that look just like the real thing — and may be even more beautiful than their live counterparts!

Read on to learn why artificial plants are making a comeback, and how to incorporate them into your own interior decor to make your space more beautiful with less work (win-win!)

Botanically Correct = Realistic Appearance

Put simply, “botanically correct” plants are faux botanicals that have been designed, shaped, and painted to replicate the real thing so they are almost indistinguishable from the plants they are imitating. These lifelike artificial plants will blend seamlessly with your live plants and we promise you and your guests won’t be able to tell the difference!

Tip: Make sure to tease out the stems or branches to give the plant “life” and movement for optimum effect.

Low Maintenance

Faux plants will keep their shape and beauty forever with minimal effort on your part, so you can enjoy the beauty of nature in your home with zero commitment. To state the obvious, synthetic plants need substantially less care than real plants — no sunlight, watering, or pruning required. You also don’t have to worry about insect or pest attacks that will spoil the perfection and growth of your plant.

Tip: Remember to dust your faux plants to keep them in tip-top condition.

No Seasonal Changes

As mentioned above, we love artificial plants for their eternal beauty. Unlike real plants, faux plants don’t grow or change their appearance over time. Real botanicals go through seasonal changes where they shed flowers and leaves, which is not favourable when it comes to maintaining your desired look for your interior decor. This is a non-issue with faux plants! They will always stay as beautiful as the day you got them.

Image via CB2

Image via CB2

More Durable

No disrespect to Mother Nature, but the synthetic materials used in making faux plants are high-quality and durable enough to outlast any real plant! So you can enjoy them for years to come without fear of withering, root-rot, or pest damage.

Cheaper To Maintain

Although faux botanicals may be more of an investment upfront, they are far less costly in the long run. We’re sure many of you are familiar with the trials and tribulations of keeping an expensive, exotic plant alive when you are cursed with a brown thumb. Synthetic materials look good and cost less to take care of because they don’t require any kind of plant food or pesticides. Artificial plants are guaranteed low-maintenance and won’t die and bring you heartbreak — no green thumb required.

Easy To Decorate With

Since faux plants don’t rely on natural factors to live you can move them anywhere in your home regardless of sunlight, and repot them whenever you please. This gives you creative freedom in your decorating since you can move them from room to room to change up the look of your space on a whim without fear of killing your precious plant.

Where To Buy Faux Plants

With the growing popularity of faux botanicals, decor stores have risen to the occasion and now offer tons of beautiful and realistic artificial options.

Here at Amanda’s House Of Elegance, we have an impressive collection of faux plants and florals to get you started — from the famous fiddle leaf fig, to cacti and succulents, to palm leaves and aloe plants. See below to find your favourite and come visit Amanda’s House Of Elegance to take one home today!

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