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Fashionable Face Masks Guide

With the current condition of the world right now in this global pandemic, it looks like we will be wearing face masks for a while. With the public health mandate to wear masks to protect yourself and others, you may as well do it in style! So while you wear your face mask to the grocery store, on walks and runs, and hitting up your favourite shops and restaurants, why not use your mask as an expression of your personal style? There is no denying that face masks have gone from merely functional to full fashion item status in the last year, and Amanda’s House Of Elegance has got you covered for stylish masks that are sure to make a bold statement!


We have a wide range of glam face masks in a dazzling array of bold colours and bedazzled designs—you won’t find any boring masks here! All of our masks are embellished with rhinestones or sequins to give your PPE a touch of elegance. To take your mask accessorizing to the next level, we also have pretty mask chains that are not only functional to conveniently hold your mask when not in use, but that double as jewellery itself. 

But why stop at masks? With the COVID pandemic seemingly here to stay (at least for a while longer), you may as well make sure to take all of your protective measures in style—that is why Amanda’s House Of Elegance also sells cute, fashion-forward hand sanitizer holder keychains to tote your sanitizer in style (bonus: they’re refillable!) With a wide range of patterns and pleather and real calfskin materials, these hand sanitizer holders are way more fashionable and fun than a boring, name-brand sanitizer bottle. 

To top it off, we now carry lightly scented hand sanitizer spray in luxurious scents like Lavender, Lemon Grass, Sandalwood, and Cucumber. Trust us, these lux sanitizers make your disinfecting routine much more pleasant!

Stop by Amanda’s House Of Elegance today for all of your fashionable pandemic essentials so you can protect yourself in style!

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