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Amanda's Top Christmas Decorating Tips and Tricks

Decorating for Christmas can be a little bit daunting but also very exciting. It’s a chance to change up some decor in your home and bring out some old holiday favourites. Plus everything looks more festive with some Christmas lights! So, whether you are a seasoned pro or still getting the hang of things, we hope these tips and tricks make your decorating adventure much more enjoyable.

1. Don’t Forget the Front Entrance

This goes for both inside and outside. The entrance or foyer is great real estate for expressing your style and bringing out all the stops. It’s the first impression of Christmas that your home makes on your guests and it can be the most fun to play around with because of the amount of space. Don’t be afraid to invest in some larger pieces to make a big impact. A great purchase from Amanda’s House of Elegance would be one of our large nutcrackers. For $798.95 each, these nutcrackers would be a great investment to be the showstopper at your door.

2. Think Outside of the Box

This can really mean many things. Not only can you use a variety of materials around your home, but you can use different colours and themes to add interest and something a little unexpected. An all-white theme in the home is lovely, but why not throw in some champagne to jazz things up a bit. Besides, a little sparkle never hurt anyone around the Christmas season. Do you have lots of greenery leftover from trimming your tree? Put extra tree boughs down the centre of your table to create a unique centrepiece.

3. Keep It Simple

I don’t mean to keep your decor simple, because as I’ve said before it is great to pull out all the stops around the holidays. Though there are ways you can make your life easier and less cluttered when decorating. For example, when purchasing lights, if you know the lights will be in an inconvenient location it may be smart to purchase battery-powered lights to avoid cords hanging or being brought across a room to an outlet.

4. Decorate Your Dining Table

Though you must keep in mind that people had have to eat there! The dining room is a great space to enhance because it creates a lovely environment for one of the biggest meals of the year. While we encourage you to decorate to your hearts content, if people will be eating at the table regularly maybe keep it simpler so that nothing needs to be moved when setting the table.

5. The Fireplace

Again, such great real estate for decor. Remember to decorate both the mantle and the ground in front of the fireplace, as the fireplace is often the focal point of a room it’s important to dress it up. Candles and floral sprays are a great way to achieve this.

6. Don’t Take Away Too Much

There is really no need to take away your everyday decor for the holidays. To simplify your life, just add decor to add Christmas spirt to your home. Adding red fruit like cranberries and pomegranates to your fruit bowl instead of the usual bananas and oranges, or adding some twinkly lights to your staircase are easy ways to add and not have to subtract any decor making it easier for you in the long run.

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