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Amanda's Favourites: March Edition

Spring is ever so slowly approaching, but here at Amanda's House of Elegance, we are in full spring swing. Located right in the heart of downtown Kingston, here are Amanda's March favourites. With new merchandise being brought in all the time it won't be long before these items are picked up by a lucky buyer! We hope to see you soon! 

Oversized Apple - $119.95

We are currently loving this oversized apple. It adds a whimsical and clean touch to any space while still being a striking piece of decor. It can easily be a stand-alone accent because of its size and will look beautiful in a clean space. The bright white colour is the perfect way to brighten up your space. 

Dandelion Sprays - $33.95

These dandelion sprays are a unique take on the classic spray of greenery or flowers. They have a large impact and are the perfect accent for spring! 

WoodWick Boat Candle - $38.95

Here at Amanda's House of Elegance we love these WoodWick candles. They are the perfect scent and sound to create a beautiful ambiance for any lifestyle. This boat shape is a favourite of ours because of the long wick that creates a beautiful long flame. These candles have a long burn time and we can promise you won't be disappointed. Available in other scents. 

Blush Glasses - $9.95, $12.95, $27.95

These blush-coloured glasses are giving us all the heart eyes. They are a frosted blush glass with a beautiful gold rimmed detail. We can't get enough of the unique look of these glasses that are sure to blow your guests away at any party you may host. 

Charcoal Rose Soap - $10.95

The L.A.M.A. soap company is a fairly new line being carried at Amanda's House of Elegance, but it is the perfect gift or party favour for occasion. We love how soft and gentle this soap is on your skin, and this charcoal rose scent is our absolute favourite. Its a elegant way to add some class and beauty to any bathroom. Available in other scents.

Throw Pillows - $88.95 each

The play on textures in the reason we love these throw pillows. They are a beautiful mix of materials and colours all working together to create a unique and elegant look. Each pillow is feather filled and have a zipper bottom for easy cleaning. 

Bell Jar Stand - $48.95

A whimsical take on a cake stand or food tray. This bell jar food tray is a modern but unique take on the perfect way to display and cover treats and sweets in your kitchen. the light wood base mixed with the glass top is the perfect way to mix eclectic and modern styles. 

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