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6 Fall Decorating Trends That Will Be Huge Come Autumn

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Spring tends to get a lot of credit for being the time of reinvention—all that spring cleaning and sprucing is pretty good branding for the season—but if you ask us, fall is an even better time to revamp your surroundings. Think of it this way: as we transition to spending even more time indoors in the chilly winter months, it makes sense to invest a little extra time and energy in "nesting" to make sure the season ahead is as comfortable as possible. As such, there's no season we look forward to for its redecorating potential as much as fall.

While a few fall trends tend to repeat themselves year after year—you can usually expect plush fabrics and polished metals to make a well-timed reappearance—some of the trends we're excitedly anticipating this year are far from expected.

We asked a few of our favorite design experts and trend predictors to weigh in on what they're predicting for the season ahead—and every single one is a winner. This calls for a mini-shopping spree...or two.

Read on to see all the trends that designers agree will be top-of-mind for fall—and be sure to take notes. It's easy to incorporate any one of these into your existing home decorating scheme.



The "Mineral Palette"

If you haven't heard this term before, no sweat—it's new to us too. Put simply, it's a fresh, naturalistic take on jewel tones, inspired by the hues and character of rocks and minerals.

"For this fall season, I recall being mesmerized by a huge amethyst geode," explains Monica Bhargava, EVP of Design and Product Development at Pottery Barn. "As we were having our fall creative meetings, I kept coming back to it, and it took me down the path of what the color palette could started to cascade into the other minerals that could inspire this color palette. Pretty Lapis blue and warm Topaz took us to the warmth of beautiful ombre neutrals all the way to Bronze," she says.

While fall often brings us around to deeper hues and hints of shine to replicate the transitions happening outdoors, this is a modern take that feels even more appropriately earthy—and dramatic, to boot.



Sweater Knits

Just as we look forward to getting our coziest cashmere out of storage every autumn, we're anticipating bringing some "sweater" elements into our decorating this season, too. There's nothing more luxurious and hygge-inspiring than rich cable knits and chunky yarns, whether in the form of a throw, an accent pillow, or even something underfoot.

New #CottageCore

Another fashion-world-to-family-room trend we're predicting for fall is the arrival of English countryside-inspired elements, incorporated with a twist. "For the longest time, contemporary designs have been at the forefront of the industry, but we are seeing a trend towards more classic spaces that layer old and new for a lived-in, 'collected over time' vibe," explains Decorist designer Casey Hardin.

"This design trend gives me all the 'Cotswolds-cottage-in-the-English-countryside' feels and I am here for it! Some ways you will see this design trend implemented in interiors are through gilded framed oil paintings, classic lines for furniture, and the juxtaposition of traditional patterns (i.e. chinoiserie) with contemporary elements (metals and abstract sculpture)."

Part of what we love about this trend is that it's easy to dip your toe into without committing: "Add a classic art piece to your contemporary bathroom or try a traditional Louis chair in an unexpected fabric in your dining room to embrace this trend," suggests Hardin.



Neoclassical Details

"We may be heading into a new season, but we’ll see a reference to the past in a big way," predicts Kelley Carter, the Home Fashion Director of Bloomingdale's. "Neoclassical is a décor trend we’ll see this fall, with nods to iconic columns, Greek key patterns, and sculpted busts referencing Ancient Greek and Roman interiors."

Part of what's so appealing about this trend is the ease with which it can be incorporated with a variety of other decor styles—it particularly lends itself to Art Deco influence, as well as the aforementioned jewel tones we'll be seeing more of this season.



Natural Materials

Another trend on Bhargava's list for autumn: dried grasses and flowers. Another example of bringing the outdoors in, these dried botanicals are grounded in history, but feel unexpected when placed in eclectic vases in lieu of live flowers. And after the multi-year prevalence of tropical greenery in the home, this is a welcome change of pace.

Carter agrees that infusing plucked-from-nature textures in the home will be a big trend, citing wabi-sabi as one of her list-toppers for fall, too. "This fall décor trend is characterized by details like raw edges, cracks, and untreated wood and ceramic surfaces. There’s an authenticity behind this trend as it presents pieces in their purest form," she explains.



Graphic Pops

Earth tones are another go-to that pops up around this time of year, but Decorist designer Emerie Forehand predicts that this year, things will be a *bit* different. She expects to see an influx of bold graphics and abstract designs—a clever way of modernizing a forever-favorite style. "I think earth tones and large graphics will be popular. I really like to calm a bold design down with a textured neutrals palette," she explains.

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